About Us

The story of our brand

The Beginning


Felipe Ríos Contesse studied Acoustic Civil Engineering at Universidad Austral de Chile. He worked at the company Ingeniería y Montajes Acústicos, where he supervised the design, manufacture and assembly of several important acoustic projects in Santiago, Rancagua and Viña del Mar (Chile). After that stage he started to work as an independent, starting Labaris. Since then he has taken on various projects in the fields of Architectural Acoustics, Noise Control, Sound, Music Production and Audiovisual Production.

Next Steps


The projection of Labaris's work is to continue developing all the areas mentioned, but giving emphasis to Architectural Acoustics and Musical Production. In the latter, the beginning of the production of Ekoil, in 2022, stands out. It is an original music project, framed within Labaris Music, the Labaris division that performs the function of record label and music manager for artists.